♦ SOUST - Supreme Universal Order of the Holy Trinity ♦
♦ New Mystical Order established by INRI CRISTO on Feb 28th 1982 ♦ Headquarters: Brasilia  BRAZIL
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Broadcasting INRI

CHECK out INRI CRISTO's most recent apparitions in the BRAZILIAN MEDIA and in WORLDWIDE MEDIA. Video interviews, JOURNALISTIC REPORTS, participations in TV programs, INTERNET PUBLISHINGS around the world... and much more!

The birth of SOUST

BELEM - Brazil, Feb 28th 1982. In this memorable day, INRI CRISTO performed the Libertarian Act in Belem's cathedral and SOUST came into being, New Mystical Order whose mission is to rescue the essence of primitive Christianity, leading human beings to consciousness freedom.

INRI CRISTO answers!

WITHOUT CENSORSHIP! The most complete and enlightening interview of all times. INRI answers more than 300 questions about the most polemic themes: Christ's life from the age of 13 to 30, evolutionism, abortion, sex, drugs, worldwide conflicts... Read and wonder about it!

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  • 300 questions
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